Linn's Great Upgrade

By London Audio |

All good things must eventually come to an end. The era of the CD player is over: sales of CDs fell by over 10% while streaming saw a 68% rise over the same period last year.

It’s been 8 years since Linn became the first company in the hifi industry to stop producing CD players, and the time has now come to end service support.

We want to reward these customers for their loyalty and commitment to Linn. We want to offer a path to the higher performance and improved experience of Linn’s latest products. That’s why we are announcing The Great Exchange.

Simply by exchanging your Linn disc player, you will receive a fixed price against any new product, for a limited time only:

  • $3,600.00 against any Klimax product
  • $1,800 against any Akurate product
  • $900.00 against any Majik product

To ensure the largest possible pool of opportunity, and to give Linn owners flexibility when updating their system, any Linn preamplifier can also be exchanged on the same terms.

Linn’s latest products offer superior performance, access to vast new sources of digital music and features you just won’t find with a CD player: such as Space Optimisation, Multiroom and limitless control options.

This Linn upgrade promotion is only available until August 31st. If you wish to receive more information on the Great exchange simply call us at 519-673-1780 or visit our showroom at 1690 Richmond St., London

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If you wish to contact us about your Linn trade-in call us at 519-673-1780 or use the contact form.