Home Audio System Installation in London, Ontario

A high-fidelity (HiFi) system is more than just a sound system, it's an investment in your listening experience. Unlike a typical stereo or home theater system, a HiFi system is designed to accurately reproduce music as it was recorded, with a focus on high-quality sound and minimal distortion. This means you'll be able to hear every detail in your favorite songs, from the subtlest guitar strum to the faintest whisper. A HiFi system also allows for more customization, letting you adjust the sound to your preferences and room acoustics. And with advancements in technology, HiFi systems are becoming more accessible and user-friendly, making it easier than ever to enjoy high-quality music at home. Whether you're a casual listener or a serious audiophile, a HiFi system is a must-have for anyone who truly appreciates the art of music.

For those who simply want incredible multi-room music through the house, we have products from Sonos, VSSL, Yamaha, and Savant Music. Using architectural speakers from Bowers & Wilkins and Paradigm we can find the right speakers and subwoofers for the job. 


    Amplifier London Ontario

    The workhorse of your system, your amplifier is also the most under-rated component. It takes whatever the pre-amp can throw at it but if it is below par on build and sound quality all that comes before it is pointless. At London Audio we will help you pick the right type of amplifier for your system, but most importantly, your musical taste. We will find the right personality of amplification for your own tastes. From an integrated amplifier to high powered separate, at London Audio we will find the right fit for your system and, most especially, you.


    Home Entertainment London Ontario - Analogue Hi-Fi

    Personal home audio started with the LP and it still continues today. At London Audio we still believe in the power of the record. From the tip of the stylus to the phono pre-amp our employees will help you every step of the way. Whether you are just starting out discovering the joys of vinyl or whether you want to take your table to the next level, let London Audio find your way.

    • DACS

    The world's best DAC just got even better!

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    • digital

    Home Theatre Installation London Ontario - digital audio

    Since the introduction of home CD players in the 1980's digital music presentation has not changed... or so some people think. At London Audio we pride ourselves on how we stay knowledgeable on the ever-changing world of DIGITAL AUDIO. Digital Streaming is the new format that is replacing the CD player as the source for your music. Pretty much every home has some form of a smartphone or portable digital device. Would you like to know how to incorporate those devices into your Hi-Fi system without running cables throughout your house? Would you like to know how to access your gigabytes of media information on your office PC in your living room at the press of a button? Let our employees at London Audio help you answer these questions and more.


    Home Automation Services London Ontario - Speakers

    You have wisely chosen your source, pre-amp, an amplifier or home theatre components. Now it is time to pick the pieces that present all your hard work; the speakers. Speakers are the last component before hearing the music that you want. The speakers are the voice of your 2 channel and home theatre systems. Coming in many sizes, shapes and personalities let London Audio help you the find the right speakers for your ears. Speakers that compliment your system and the room they are in. Having experienced every different offering of speakers, the staff of London Audio can find the right voice for your 2 channel or home theatre system.


    Home Audio System Installation London Ontario - Soundbars

    Situations arise when space is not available for a full home theatre audio system for your flat panel TV. Say you have a TV in your bedroom or office and want the best sound possible but it is not an option for large components. That is when soundbars come into play. Soundbars are a single box speaker that emulates the surround sound effects without having to run cables around your room. Placed under or above the TV, the soundbar is an option for those space-constrained situations. At London Audio we understand these constraints and we're here to offer the best solution to the problem. Soundbars may not equal the full-blown home theatre audio system experience, but they can truly surprise you when you hear a great soundbar.